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There are still a lot of women who do not use eye cream. By many where to buy eye creameye cream is usually associated with wrinkles, aging and anti-aging. But no! Eye cream is much more than that. Why do you think you can never apply a facial mask too close to the eyes? That´s because the skin around the eyes is a lot thinner and this area has to be treated very differently. We all have to take care of the skin around our eyes, even if you are still young.

There are a lot of different types of eye cream. Ok, I’ll be honest, many are meant for the fine lines around your eyes. But there’s more! Did you know that the skin under your eyes gets fatter when you just smear moisturizer there? That’s because the cream is very nourishing and ensures that there is more moisture in the delicate skin making it look puffy. Don´t ever make that mistake! I ´m going to tell you about the different types of eye cream you can buy to give your eyes the optimum care they deserve.

Eye Cream for Puffy Eyes
Do you suffer from swollen eyes quickly? The skin around your eyes, I mean. This can happen if for example you’ve been crying. You know how it is, you’re looking at yourself with these terribly swollen eyes and it looks weird. Grab your eye cream for puffy eyes! They often contain dehydrating ingredients such as caffeine. This ensures that any excess liquid will be drained, and that your eyes will look normal again. It works amazingly well!

Eye Cream That Hydrates
This is actually the best eye cream for regular use. It´s an eye cream that makes your skin smooth and soft, think of a moisturizer, but for your eyes. The skin under your eyes does need hydration, so an eye cream that is specially designed for this purpose is perfect. It will never make the skin around your eyes look puffy and oily, because of it´s special ingredients. It is very important that the ingredients are always appropriate for the eyes; with a moisturizer you run the risk of irritating your eyes.

Eye Cream for Dark Circles
I think that, in addition to the cream for puffy eyes, this is the most popular among young people. The eye cream for dark circles ensures that you notice the dark circles less. This is often accomplished by adding a light-reflecting ingredient, but sometimes there are formulas that work surprisingly well against those annoying dark circles. In any case it is a smart idea to combine it with a concealer to have a maximum effect.

Eye Cream for Sensitive Skin/Eyes
Of course, there’s the eye cream for sensitive skin and eyes. If you do not react well to ordinary eye creams, it´s a must to buy an eye cream for a sensitive skin.

Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream
Here we go. We are finally going to talk about the anti wrinkle eye cream. This eye cream slightly tightens the skin around the eyes so any crow’s feet and other wrinkles disappear. This is really a product for women who already have wrinkles around their eyes, but I also know women who start using it as a precaution measure in their thirty’s. I would advise you to use the cream that you feel most comfortable with. If you feel that you really need it, then you should use it. Until that time, a hydrating eye cream is the most important.

As you might have noticed, eye cream is actually an important part of skin care. If we say that the eyes are the windows of the soul, why not take good care of them. Our eyes are an important part of our way to communicate with others. People notice our eyes, look into them and admire them when they look good, so they deserve some pampering from us.

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