Anti-Aging Cream For 20s

 A Matter Of Preventing Instead Of Treating

anti aging ginI clearly remember those old days when I had a soft and radiant skin. Apart from some acne marks that were gradually vanishing, my skin looked and felt soft, even, luminous. If someone had suggested me an anti-aging cream for 20s, I would have stared at that person as saying, hey, I´m just 20, what are you talking about? Well, now I wish someone would have taught me. If I had started taking care of my skin, and preventing the signs of age, I wouldn´t have to be fighting a stressing battle against my wrinkles now!

The fact is that, yes, women need to start on an anti-aging cream for 20s, no matter how fantastic their skin may look.

By the age of 20, the skin slowly begins to lose its ability to retain water. We don´t realize it by then; it´s in the late 20s or at 30 when we start noticing how our skin is losing that natural and healthy radiance.
Furthermore, if we used to expose ourselves to sunlight, we start exhibiting the symptoms of photo-aging.

So, what would be the recommendable anti-aging cream for 20s?

There are three primary issues to address at this tender age, all geared towards preventing or delaying the appearance of signs of age, and to maintaining a fresh and luminous appearance. They are all equally important.

1. One of them is protecting the skin from the damaging effects of sun rays. It is mandatory to wear constantly solar protection. You can use a regular sunblock lotion or cream, or you can seek for a hydrating cream containing a solar protection factor of over 20. For those who wear makeup on a daily basis, there are also foundations that protect against the sun rays too!. For direct exposure to sunlight, use an SPF of 40 and over.

2. Hydrating the skin. At this age, the skin is still flexible, and the cells produce collagen and, if you keep a balanced diet, your skin should be receiving the needed amount of nutrients to remain healthy and beautiful, therefore, what you need is to make sure the skin stays adequately hydrated. Besides drinking plenty of water, you need to start applying a hydrating cream. As simple as that, you don´t need to empty your bank account on multiple skin products. The hydrating cream will be more than enough, we could say it is the anti-aging cream for 20s.

3. Proper facial cleansing. Whether you wear makeup or not, it is crucial to adapt a daily facial cleansing routine. Clean your skin with a lotion or gel, and apply a tonic every night. There are fantastic and affordable products that combine both functions, cleansing and toning. Those seem the most proper ones for young girls who hate having to use many products.

Then, an anti-aging cream for 20s is nothing more than a hydrating cream, accompanied by a daily cleansing routine and proper sunlight protection. Taking care of the skin at this age takes just a couple of minutes a day, and a few products. But trust me, they are worth it! Prevent while you still have time!

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